College Details:

Our mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers in the College of Engineering and Geosciences. We are dedicated to empowering future engineers with quality education and creative ability to transform their environment for conservation services to humanity. It also aims to empower its graduates as proficient entrepreneurs able to create employment while determined to exploit resources for the service of humanity.

Our vision is to be a leader in providing quality engineering and geosciences education, striving to develop an institution of excellence in technology and research to produce skills and trained workforce of the highest standards, absorbing technological and traditional cultural values to meet the growing industrial and socioeconomic needs of our nation Liberia and the world at large. To be a leading institution ensuring Academic Excellence, Research, Nurturing innovation and Entrepreneurial Attitude to produce competent technocrats for service to Nation. To be one of the best in the country by developing globally competent engineers motivated entrepreneurs, prospective researchers, and aspiring academicians.

We value excellence, innovation, being genuine, diversity, respect for others, integrity, trusting, and being trustworthy, we are defined by these qualities. The members of our community value, respect and trust one another, as evidenced by what we say and, more importantly, by what we do. Our people are our greatest asset. Our partners and contributors expect us to act with integrity. They trust us and expect us to trust them. They rely on us to seek excellence, be collegial and collaborative, and be focused on achieving mutual success. Our peers and evaluators know that what we say and do is grounded and accurate and they are justified in expecting excellence from us. They also know that we innovate as we seek to continuously improve.

Establish a minimum of four state-of-the-art research laboratories in the contemporary areas such as

  1.  Water Quality Testing Center
  2. Engineering soil and Rock testing center
  3. Environmental Engineering Lab
  4. Geophysics Lab
  5.  Geochemistry Lab

To have 80% of faculty members with Ph.D. qualifications by 2027;
At least 4 publications in reputed international journals/conferences every year;

Equality, Honesty, and Integrity
We are devoted to creating an equal learning environment that is suitable for all and not based on tradition, tribe, gender, religion, physical ability, sexual identity, or socio-economic condition.
We are also committed to promoting the highest standard of honesty and integrity to ensure that all members of this college ranging from administrative, faculties, and students recognized the inherent benefit of integrity and guarantee that academic performance is evaluated reliably and rewarded fairly.

Entry Requirements
Students desiring to be admitted into the college of Engineering and Geoscience must first satisfy the admission requirements of Nimba University and complete the pre-engineering courses with a minimum accumulation of GPA of 2.5

Overall Program Description
The College of Engineering and Geosciences runs 5 years undergraduate programs in six disciplinary areas offering Bachelor of Science in these areas. The disciplinary areas are as follows:

  1. Department of Geology
  2. Department of Civil Engineering
  3. Department of Mining Engineering
  4.  Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
  5.  Department of Mechanical Engineering
  6.  Department of Information Technology (IT) & Computer Engineering

For the first two years of all engineering students, you are required to take a set of courses in general education and engineering sciences. During their third year, they are exposed to their majors, while taking additional core courses in the area of science, mathematics, general engineering, computer-aided analysis, and graphics.

Mode of Student Evaluation
The Bachelor of Science Degree offered in the College is an undergraduate program designed to cover the period of five years for a full-time student, which ranges from a freshman, a sophomore, a junior, and a senior. The description of a student’s class standing is determined by the number of credit hours completed. The Table below illustrates the maximum credits to be completed at each level before moving to the next level.

40 Freshman
50 Sophomore
55 Junior
45 Senior

Each course taken at the College of Engineering and Geosciences is assigned a credit value in semester hours, and a semester runs for Sixteen (16) weeks. The College of Engineering and Geosciences Grading System uses the letter grade with equivalent credit points for the evaluation of academic performance. The numerical value of each letter grade with credit points is as follows:

  1. 90-100 A-Excellent 4.0
  2. 80-89 B-Good 3.0
  3. 70-79 C-Average 2.0
  4. 60-69 D-Poor
  5. Below 60 F-Failure 0.0

Special Message from the Dean
We welcome you in a pleasant way to the College of Engineering and Geosciences. It is a great honour to serve as dean. For this, I count it as a privilege and not a right as anyone with the require credentials and academic skills could also be given similar position to perform the required task needed. It is a great pleasure to work with a team of academicians and supporting staffs who has strong commitment in education and teaching that are nurturing a new generation of professionals in their various fields of occupations. Taking over a newly established institution from its inception, is a challenge within itself. Considering 6 departments and each of those departments will require a minimum of 8 professional staff to deliver the quality of education needed in moulding the minds of our youngsters. At the college of Engineering and Geosciences, we offer engineering degree programs with practical applications. Our programs have been accredited by the University of Liberia, National Commission on Higher Education and an Acts passed by the National Legislature and Signed by the President of Liberia, Dr. George M. Weah. Over a period of time, some of our graduates have further their studies at local universities and others overseas.

It is always our goal to provide students with professional knowledge and practical skills appropriate for their workplaces when they have left walls of the Nimba University. We are hoping of designing additional programs that will help connect students to professional bodies and industries which will help them gain real-life work experience with potential employers. With such a trend their career will be built to the capacity of contributing to national development and also prepare them to meet the present-day challenges in all spheres of life.