Dear all:

Nimba University is a developing institution. Our aims and objectives at the university are to provide knowledge and skills, and also to encourage individuals to develop self-esteem. We provide quality educational experiences to transform the lives of individuals for worthy service. We provide you the opportunity to become critical, reflective, competent, caring professionals, service providers, and transformative leaders of society. We ensure relevant, nationalistic, and globally competent education.  Nimba University is therefore a university that aims to be an effective enabling environment for learners to be honed and become effective agents of transformation.  


In fulfillment of its statutory obligation to provide quality education as mentioned-above, Nimba University remains committed to creating an enabling learning environment where students can excel and achieve their highest potential.  In this endeavor, the Administration of Nimba University continues to explore avenues to empower its students, faculty, and staff by building partnerships with government institutions, local NGOs, and international organizations geared toward institutional development and capacity building.


we maintain the highest academic standards and comfort ourselves with a path of professionalism; social justice issues and service to our people; we value civic engagement, inter-dependability, and trustworthiness; we value innovation, adaptability, and creativity

I truly appreciate the hard work and ingenuity shown by our faculty and staff over the years. They have worked tirelessly to develop and implement ways to support our students and help sustain their academic progress.

I’d also like to thank our students for being flexible and patient under such stressful circumstances resulting from financial constraints faced by the university.


Dr. Jesse Noah Mongrue

President, Nimba University