College Details:

The College of Agriculture and Food Science is designed to foster the development of agriculture and food sciences in Liberia and in the world community by training students in the food and agricultural sciences. It provides the foundation of a dream for tomorrow. It is where one begins to cultivate love and passion for agriculture and environment that lead into life-giving profession. Its programs reflect today’s technological advancements and possibilities. Its faculty is devoted to teaching, research, and extension. It is geared to the exploration of new possibilities and developments, and the dissemination of new technologies to the students and the community. The College of Agriculture is the first and the only college that offers a four-year agriculture degree in Southeast, Liberia. As the premier agricultural school in the Southeast, where inhabitants’ major livelihood is subsistence farming, the College’s focus and priority would be the transformation and development of agriculture as a business and industry. The graduates become the new breed of farmers who could not only farm, but could introduce to their communities new technologies that could result in increased production of traditional food crops and livestock and sustained environmental preservation.