NU 7th Commencement Convocation


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Activities covering the 7th Graduation Convocation:

Day one ------------------- Baccalaureate Service --------- May 21, 2023
Day Two ------- Nursing and Laboratory Technology Students’ Oath and Honor – May 22, 2023
Day Three --------------- Class Night ------------------------ May 23, 2023
Day Four ---------------- Faculty Night --------------------- May 24, 2023
Day Five ---------------- President’s Tea Party ----------- May 25, 2023
Day Six ----------------- 7th Graduation Convocation --- May 27, 2023

The first day of the graduation activities started with thanksgiving and special prayer service on May 21, 2023 with Father Octavious Paye Flomo, Associate Pastor, Immaculate Conception Parish, Sanniquellie and Director Liturgy, Catholic Diocese of Gbarnga.
The second day of the graduation festivities was also colorful as students from the both programs the Nursing and the Lab Technology at the College of Health Sciences were joyfully pinned with flowers. They also took the Nightingale Oath and Honor as they completed the course of study prescribed by the National Board of Nursing and Midwifery and the Nimba University prescribed curriculum.

The third day which is the class night will bring together graduating students and their friends and love ones as they have their final celebration with one another before taking leave of the university. The 7th Class Night celebration by the Class of Kwa Ke Tie Ka (Let’s Be the Light) will highlight lots of activities including jokes, and funs.
The fourth day of the activities is the Faculty Night that is meant for the faculty to refresh themselves from the lots of stresses encountered during the hectic instructional work. It is also intended for funs sharing, and jokes. It also affords members of the faculty staff to take a retrospective views about happenings in the past; as well as taking a moment of silence in memory of other falling heroes in the academia.
The fifth day is the President’s Tea Party. This is the time the President sits with members of the University’s family and share lots of fun. At the President’s Tea Party, honoring is done as a means of motivation for members of the University’s family who stands out distinctly when it comes to job performance and to those who are duty-bound in making sure that things are on the right trajectory.

May 27, 2023, the final day of the festivities comes the big and final one the 7th Graduation Convocation that graduates will be receiving their diplomas in the various areas of their specialty. It will also allow the students to receive honors in various categories as per their commitment to studies in their respective areas of focus. Nimba University will be putting out 114 graduates in various areas of disciplines.