The Division of Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs promotes students’ integration into an inclusive university community and advocates for excellent and quality education that prepares individuals for lifelong learning and global citizenship.


The Office of the Dean of Student Affairs

Provides executive oversight for the division while collaborating with the president and other divisional vice presidents in achieving the overall mission, vision and objectives of the university.

Specific goals

Support students’ well-being, academic and personal success. Create and implement programs that nurture student engagement, learning and development. Initiate and advance campus and community partnerships for effective, integrated student services and experiences.

Structure of Student Affairs


The Director of Students’ Clubs and Activities

Coordinates all of the Students’ Campus Based activities and organizations


The Director of Sports and Athletics

Coordinates all of the students’ Sporting and Athletic activities


The Director of Career Counselling

Provides counselling and guidance to students during their academic sojourn


The Coordinator of Music

Coordinates the musical activities of the University


The Student Council Government


Represents the student body by facilitating communication between students and administration;


Serves on committees and solicits feedback from students (with regard to their needs, initiatives, projects, contributions and concerns);


Plans students’ activities in collaboration with the office of Student Affairs and approved by administration;


Mobilizes students to establish Campus Activities Board that will enable students to participate in their areas of disciplines and grow holistically.

In Progress, Coming Soon!